Tutors 2021-2022

Bryton Wong (He/Him)
Doctor of Medicine
I tutor Chemistry and Biology! I’ve been fortunate to have incredible teachers and mentors throughout my academic career that have helped me immensely. Their love of learning and teaching inspired me to become a tutor.

Madeline Crichton (She/Her)
BSc in Biological Sciences and Chemistry
I tutor Math, Chemistry, and Biology. I was inspired to tutor because academics play an important role in students lives, so increasing someone’s confidence through tutoring can transfer into other areas of their lives. I wanted to be able to help people gain that confidence by helping them to excel and gain confidence in their studies.
Talia Santarossa (She/Her)
Doctor of Pharmacy
I tutor Biology! In my spare time, I work as a volleyball referee and as a part-time research assistant. I enjoy cooking, travelling (when not in the middle of a pandemic of course), and exploring the city.
Britney Bang (She/Her)
BSc in Biological Science, Minor in Chemistry
I tutor Math, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Being able to help people and seeing the answer click in the minds of students is unlike any other feat. There is something incredible in being able to make a positive impact in someone’s life even if it’s just solving a math problem.
Justin Zhu (He/Him)
General Biology Major, Bioinformatics Minor
I tutor Math and Biology! I hangout with friends, game and go to the gym for fun. There’s joy in tutoring.
Nethalie Avila (She/Her)
BSc/BEd Combined, Physical Science Major, Biological Science Minor
I tutor Math and Physics. I started tutoring back in high school, my math teacher gave me this opportunity and ever since then I’ve been doing it regularly. I tutored because I love the seeing the student finally get that “eureka” moment when they understand the concept that they have been struggling in. Additionally, I tutor because I believe that everyone deserved quality education. I wall climb (bouldering) for fun.
Donny Cheng (He/Him)
MSc in Control Systems, Electrical
I tutor Math and Physics! I worked as a tutor both privately and as an employee of Kumon Math and Reading Centres. Later on, I delivered science-based workshops and summer camps to students all across Alberta and the Northwest Territories as an instructor at DiscoverE. Lately, I have been working in lab teaching assistant positions for undergraduate control systems and photonics courses. Since I joined TAE, I have been mostly tutoring high school level mathematics. I love teaching the fundamentals of algebra and calculus because they are powerful tools that are widely applicable in fields such as physics, engineering, and economics. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, hiking, playing badminton, and playing competitive video games with my friends.
Ehab Bajwa (He/Him)
BSc Biological Sciences Major, Economics Minor
I tutor Math, Chemistry, and Biology. I find it rewarding helping kids to understand complex topics. I was also tutored many times before so I wanted to pay it forward
Adam Landreville (He/Him)
BSc Major in Chemistry, Minor in Math
I tutor Math, Chemistry, and Physics.
I like to bike everywhere I can in the summer and experience nature through the trails in the river valley. I’ll also just listen to some weird music that none of my friends like and then cool stuff like Thee Sacred Souls that I feel like I can recommend to anybody.
Abby Baehr (She/Her)
BSc in Mathematics, Minor in Biology
I tutor Math. I love the opportunity to show others the patience and kindness they deserve when learning a subject they may not understand or like. I believe that everyone is able to understand any subject as long as they have someone who is willing to listen to them and explain topics in many different ways until the idea “clicks”. I want to be able to give students a positive experience in subjects that are usually disliked (such as math) because of past experiences where nobody took the time to explain the material in a way that engages the student.
Mehul Nimpal (He/Him)
BSc in Neuroscience
I tutor English, Social Studies, Math, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. My favourite thing about teaching is the “Aha” moment when a student finally understands a concept they’ve been struggling with, and it’s such an encouraging feeling as a tutor to be helping students understand concepts easily.
John Hua (He/Him)
Mechanical Engineering
I tutor Math, Chemistry and Physics. I really enjoy teaching, and I’ve always had fun helping out my friends with school. I binge YouTube, play video games, practice instruments, and a lot of other random things for fun. I’m no longer ticklish because once I just decided to stop.
Amy Rawal (She/Her)
BSc in Cell Biology
I tutor English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. I believe everyone deserves access to the resources they need to learn. I want to use the knowledge I have to make school less stressful for those who are struggling and need some support.
Minwoo Ha (He/Him)
I tutor Math and Chemistry. You can find me in a game lobby for League or Valorant, playing friendly games of poker, or at a random food joint with my friends!
Kennedy Jones (She/Her)
BEd Secondary, Social Studies Major, Language Arts Minor
I tutor English and Social Studies. I love teaching, especially Social Studies! I joined TAE in my first year because I definitely needed the practice with teaching, and I stuck around because I love helping our students.
Lynn Li
BA Second Year
I tutor Chinese, Social Studies, and Math. I listen to music or watch movies for fun. I wanted to tutor to have experience.
Skye Hultgren (She/Her)
BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences
I tutor English, Biology, French, and Social Studies! Eating Chocolate, Hiking, Camping, Climbing trees… (preferably not falling out of them) I decided to tutor after experiencing the difference tutoring has made in my own education!
Suvan Dev Choudhury (He/Him)
PhD in Materials Engineering
I tutor Math and Physics. Sharing my knowledge and experience with the younger generations and explaining the concepts to them in the simplest possible way inspires me to be a tutor. This also challenges me to break down the concepts so that it is understandable by everyone.
Sarah Marlow (She/Her)
I tutor English and Social Studies. My favourite pastime is watching “So-Bad-It’s-Good” movies! I’m hoping to become a certified child and youth care counsellor, and my own experiences with neurodiversity have made me really passionate about learning new ways to succeed and interpret things.
Anantha Ealeswarapu (She/Her)
PhD in Chemistry, Second Year
I tutor Biology and Chemistry. I love reading books and biking in the trails and do some baking for fun!!! Or just dance crazy in my room alone 🙂
Alex Yee (He/Him)
I tutor English, Social Studies, and Biology. I go to YouTube for fun. My degree is in Science but I’m better at English and Social.
Partha Kulkarni (He/Him)
I tutor Math, Chemistry and Physics. I play basketball and soccer with my friends or play video games such as call of duty, 2k, GTA.
Andy Lee (He/Him)
BSc in Physiology
I tutor Chemistry and Biology. I like to read and learn new things like coding, but every once in a while, I take a relaxing break and listen to music. I like to explain concepts and help others explore their interest through learning.
Darshee Ghia (She/Her)
BSc in Cell Biology
I tutor Chemistry and Biology. Helping other people by tutoring and getting the chance to watch them grow is one of my favourite things in the world! In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, hiking and trying new things!
Jenna MacGregor (She/Her)
BA, Second Year
I tutor Social Studies. During my free time, I love to walk my dogs around in different neighbourhoods. I also enjoy rollerskating with my friends on warm and sunny days! I am a second year Arts student, majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies and minoring in Sociology. I have always enjoyed learning about history and societal theories. I am looking forward to being a tutor this year and meeting students!