Previous Tutors

Jiyeon Seo Jiyeon

Degree: 3rd year Neuroscience
Tutoring subject(s): Math, Physics, Chem

I really like the brain and how it works, but I’m also a numbers person! Outside of my studies, I love to play my musical instruments (clarinet and guitar), draw and paint, watch movies, and do physical activities (yoga, jogging, hiking, snowboarding, etc.).

JashanJashan Saini

Degree: 3rd year Bachelor of Science, Honours Physiology

Tutoring Subjects: Chemistry/Biology/Calculus

I am deeply passionate about science, and love talking about science, tutoring allows me to do just that and in the process help someone better understand whatever discipline they’re interested in. I’m quite passionate about my research and when I’m not in the lab, I like to watch Game of Thrones, play badminton, run, and read

Ola.pngOla Sultan
Degree: 4th year Double major in Biology and Psychology
Tutoring Subjects: Chemistry and Biology

When I am not in class, researching, or training in Taekwondo, I like to watch Netflix whilst eating copious amounts of cheese. Cheese is a food group right?

Bryton Wong
Degree: 2nd year Bachelor of Science
Tutoring Subjects: Chemistry

I’ve got a passion for science and love helping others understand concepts that they’re confused about! In my spare time, I enjoy golfing, volunteering, hiking, and playing the piano. I’m also a huge Calgary Flames fan, and always happy to have a conversation about anything hockey related. Stop me if you see me around (I’ll likely be wearing a Flames jersey).

image_6483441Meaghan Washuck
Degree: 3rd year Secondary Education 
Tutoring Subjects: Social and English

Im studying to become a Social or Art teacher, so tutoring is a great way to practice my teaching skills and gain experience working with students. I love history, politics, and art which is why Social is my favourite subject. Off of campus, you can find me snowboarding, watching the Raptors, or playing with my cat!

Preet Parmar
Degree: 4th year Physics Major and Math Minor
Tutoring Subjects: Math, Physics, Biology, English

I’m passionate about helping others better understand concepts, it’s also how I learn sometimes. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, writing and trying new things!

ChuyuChuyu Zou
Degree: 3rd year Mathematics and Economics
Tutoring Subjects: Math and Physics

Music~Piano Sudoku I am going to help more students who are confusing about Math, it is not difficult, just be confidence and to do more practice.

Yutian Xie
Degree: 2nd year Economics
Tutoring Subjects: Math

haoHungHaoHung Dang

Degree: 2nd year Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Tutoring subject(s): Biology, Math

I have great passion for biology so I love to chat, talk and tutor about it. Beside of biology, I also love to do sport, many kind of sport from judo, kick-boxing to water polo, running, badminton and table tennis.

Sidath Wijayasiri

Degree: 3rd year Bachelor of Science, Honours Pharmacology

Tutoring Subjects: Chemistry

Mel Tan
Degree: 2nd year Neuroscience
Tutoring Subjects: Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics

kennedyKennedy Jones

Degree: 1st year Education, major in Social Studies and minor in English
Tutoring subject(s): English and Social

I tutor because I love teaching and helping others, and I want to gain experience with students one on one to help me find out what they need so I can be a better teacher! I curl and play rec league volleyball, and I love music, the Oilers, my friends and spending too much money on Starbucks.

Dan.jpgDan Zhang
Degree: 4th year Computing Science and Mathematics
Tutoring Subjects: Math

I love helping others and I’m good at math. Beside of study, I love watching soccer and playing video games.

Nelson Knutson

Degree: University of Alberta Alumni, MSc in Physics
Tutoring subject(s): Math and Physics

I always enjoyed tutoring, engaging with students and the challenge of it. It is nice to get back to it after many years. This is a lot more worthwhile than private tutoring as help should not be for those that can afford it but for those that need it and seek it.

Nudhistee.jpgNudhistee Bissoondoyal (Nud)

Tutoring subject(s): French

I have lived in a bilingual country my whole life, and have been speaking French for as long as I can remember. I want to take this tutoring opportunity to make more people passionate about this beautiful (yet confusing) language. When I’m not studying, I’m most probably hanging out with my friends, or cooking. I love swimming and plants. A quote to finish off: “Une nouvelle langue est une nouvelle vie” (A new language is a new life).

Gopika Kalthil Prem

Degree: 1st year Math and Computing Science
Tutoring Subjects: French

Austin.jpgAustin Leask

Degree: 4th Education, Biology major English Language Arts minor
Tutoring subject(s): Biology, English, Social

I like to tutor because it is a great way to relax from university. Helping other people with their work and getting the chance to watch them grow is one of my favourite things in the world. I spend way too much of my free time watching T.V or movies. I particularly love horror, but I also have a soft spot for romantic comedies.

joshJosh Woolley 

Degree: BSc Biology major
Tutoring subject(s): Biology, Chemistry

School is hard; if it isn’t, you’re doing it wrong. I just want to help you turn your hard work into better payoff. When trying to make sense of biology, it’s hard to overstate the importance of understanding the foundation of all life processes. For this reason, my greatest academic interest and the largest focus of my studies was in genetics. In my free time I eat carbs.

Mustapha Yassin
Degree: 1st year Engineering
Tutoring Subjects: Math, Chemistry, Physics

I think helping people learn and solving math problems are two of the most satisfying things I could possibly do. Whenever I find free time, I spend a lot of it watching cheesy sitcoms and playing video games.

jaredJared Bouchard
Degree: 2nd year Physiology
Tutoring Subjects: Biology and Chemistry

I have a unquenchable passion for learning and love sharing it with the world. When I am not stating random facts that I learned, I enjoy bouldering and badminton.

Madeline Crichton
Degree: 1st year General Science
Tutoring Subjects: Physics and Chemistry

I find tutoring enjoyable because it allows me the chance to see students begin to understand concepts that previously eluded them.  When I am not busy with school, you’ll find me reading, napping, or binge watching Netflix!

Anahat Juneja
Degree: 1st year General Science
Tutoring Subjects: Physics and Chemistry

I love when I am able to explain a concept to others and they have that “lightbulb” moment. The feeling when you finally understand a concept you have been struggling with is so relieving, and when I am able to help others come to an understanding of a concept they have been struggling with, it is very rewarding. I like to play badminton, volunteer with seniors, hang out with friends and love to try new food items from all over the world.

Gary.pngGary Martinson 

Tutoring Subjects: French

matt.jpgMatt Regher
Degree: 2nd year Honors Computing Science
Tutoring Subjects: Math and Physics

My favorite things include math, writing code, languages (working on German at the moment), and having pointlessly strong opinions on the metric system, programming languages, and date formats. Helping people understand new, exciting, and challenging things is one of the most rewarding things in life!

samuelSamuel Grootelaar
Degree: 2nd year Mathematics and Economics 
Tutoring Subjects: Math

I tutor because I enjoy helping others understand difficult concepts and find it rewarding to see someone understand an idea or problem they have been struggling with. In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, badminton, cycling, and listening to all sorts of music.

kshitijKshitij Sachdeva
Degree: 1st year Computer Science with minor in Mathematics 
Tutoring Subjects: Math

Who doesn’t love that “Ah! I get it now!” feeling when you finally grasp a mathematical concept. I find it even more rewarding when I am able to provide that moment to someone else, thus here I am tutoring math. In my spare time you can find me solving puzzles, listening to music or laughing at memes.   

Rishi Durupala
Degree: 4th year Psychology 
Tutoring Subjects: Chemistry and Math

I remember how much easier it was to understand concepts when they were explained by someone similar to me who had already gone through the course and I tutor so that I can provide that same experience to others. In my free time I like to play basketball and play video games.

ranaRana Sultan
Degree: 2nd year Biology
Tutoring Subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Math

If I have a way to make something as tough as school easier for someone, then I want to do my part and help make a difference in someone’s life. I love dancing and listening to music, as well as watching soccer.


Talia Santarossa
Degree: 2nd year, Honours Pharmacology 
Tutoring Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Social Studies, French, English

Learning has always been a passion of mine, as has sharing that passion with others. When I’m not at school, you can usually find me refereeing volleyball, experimenting in the kitchen (with variable success), or trying to find free ways to watch hockey because I’m too broke to pay for cable.

carlosCarlos Alberto Figueredo
Degree: 1st year MSc in Dentistry  
Tutoring Subjects: Biology and English

I am passionate about tutoring, I believe it’s a great opportunity to share knowledge, and I know  from personal experience the positive impact that a tutor can make on the academic life of a high school student. My hobbies are skateboard, snowboard, kickboxing and video games.


Yordanos (yo-yo) Mengesha
Degree: 2nd year Bachelor of Arts Political Science Major  
Tutoring Subjects: English

I’ve always been a fan of literature and the type of innate imagery developed through language, the structure and tone of a sentence can greatly enwrap a readers mind and develop a world of imagination, simply through the choice of implicit wording. I’d love to tutor kids in this course to hopefully have them dawn a fonder appreciation of the english language. I’m a certified foodie who has a severely crippling spending addiction on clothing and makeup and an avid traveller.


Rohit Rana
Degree: 1st year Bachelor of Science in Biological Science  
Tutoring Subjects: Mathematics

I like to spread knowledge and tutoring is a great medium because not only does it improve my skills, but it also helps out someone in need. When I am not studying, I usually eat, sleep, do sports (basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming, running, badminton, and more), and eat even more.


Thao Nguyen
Degree: 1st year Honours Neuroscience  
Tutoring Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

I would never hesitate to help out someone when they need it, whether it be a problem or a concept. I am also able to cater my explanations to specific people to help them understand better. When I am not tutoring, I either study, listen to music, or study while listening to music.

Minwoo Ha
Degree: 1st year Pharmacology  
Tutoring Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Finding out what people are struggling with and helping them get over that mental barrier is an extremely rewarding thing for me. I’m looking forward to being that step you need for mastery. Outside of schoolwork, I’m a video game enthusiast, but feel free to talk to me about anything you want!


Jessica Ramos
Degree: 1st year Bachelor of Science in Biological Science  
Tutoring Subjects: Mathematics and Calculus

I know how stressful and frustrating it is to not understand math problems, so I’d love to share my passions in math to help someone finally grasp a concept! Not only is tutoring an opportunity to help someone understand a subject they struggle with, but being able to see their academic growth is very rewarding. When I’m not studying, I’m singing and playing guitar, spending time with my family and friends, or binge watching netflix.


Ehab Bajwa
Degree: 1st year Bachelor of Science 
Tutoring Subjects: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

I’ve been tutored in the past and I would like to take this opportunity to pay it forward.  I like to go to hexagon to play board games with friends and going to the casino and gamble to my heart’s desire.

Mehul Nimpal
Degree: 1st year Neuroscience 
Tutoring Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Biology and English

My favourite thing about teaching is the “Aha” moment when a student finally understands a concept they’ve been struggling with, and I live for these “Aha” moments! I’m a real biology nerd, but enjoy math, physics, and english too. In my spare time, you can catch me reading, learning new languages, exercising, binging netflix, or procrastinating on my assignments!


Mitch Liddell
Degree: Post doctorate in Geophysics 
Tutoring Subjects: Mathematics and Physics

I really enjoy teaching high school and first year math/physics because it’s the point where students are building a firm base of understanding. I think it’s much more important to understand conceptually what questions are asking rather than memorizing formulas. I know physics and math can be accessible to everyone if we find the right approach!